Lightspeed 2021 : a look back

LightSpeed 2021 Edition

LightSpeed 2021 took place during 6-month long period in 2021 and offered a tailor-made program built specifically around the needs of the joining startups in the legal and tax areas. Powered by the European Lefebvre Sarrut group the program simultaneously ran in 6 countries across Europe.


Batch 2021

Keeping autonomy of elderly people
90% of people want to age in place. Legal security at home is one of the major challenges of home support. Our legal protection assistance program allows people to benefit from legal protection solutions: anticipated, customised and chosen.
Mélanie Parnot
Tokenizing the world
Brickken is a blockchain-based tokenization plaftorm that allows to tokenize businesses and assets providing investors with opportunities to generate passive income. We are a provider of decentralized token issuance technology.
Edwin Mata
Chi Odia Paga
An integrated solution against online hate
Chi Odia Paga offers a quick and functional service that uses the best technologies to fight hate online and help people who have suffered legally punishable conduct to obtain justice and adequate compensation, all without having to anticipate any expenses.
Generate trust with data by ensuring compliance
Myco is a platform to collect, process and return reglementary data.
Next-gen language technology company
Nalantis has a unique hybrid technology, combining semantics, linguistics, machine learning and deep learning all in one. This makes Nalantis unsurpassed in the analysis of documents, allowing true contextual understanding of text, both written (documents) or spoken (voice, video).
Protect your entire business holistically in 24 hours
Our team of ethical hackers is fascinated by information security and software development. We know exactly where the weak spots are. Skopos.AI works with customers at home and abroad. Our software is used throughout Europe and beyond. For example, the Province of Zeeland uses Skopos.AI to monitor its websites for vulnerabilities. The Sdu uses Skopos.AI to subject its organizations to a continuous audit. We have worked for Rabobank, Achmea, Van Gogh Museum, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital, but also British and Swiss banks such as HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds Banking and UBS.
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