The Program

Program Overview

  • 6 months program customised to your needs 
  • One objective: build something together!
  • A local team of experts in your country
  • Workshops dedicated to you and your needs
  • A European network of thematic mentors (Legal, Tax & corporate markets, entrepreneurship, Tech…)
  • A Demo day in front of Lefebvre Sarrut network

In details

We have two objectives during the program: help you grow and develop a common project together!

A guided journey toward growth

After identifying with you the areas where you could need some improvements, we set dedicated workshops with both internal and external experts to help you tackle your issues and grow faster.

On demand mentoring

Need a growth-hacking or devOps expert? Startups founders can ask anytime for customized advice regarding any of their daily issues. Our expert mentor team or peers startups can help them on any topic.

Going live together ! 

Whether it is a Market discovery, a POC, a pilot, or a real product, we want to build something between our brands and our startups. After exploring the potentials with our teams, we will build something together over the 6 months of the program.

You set the pace

Every startup is unique, every lifecycle is different.
Mentors are at your service when you need them.
On top of that, you can attend any scheduled workshop, or one of the many inspirational keynotes during the whole program.

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