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Batch #3


The power of GenAI for legal processes

Artificieel uses advanced AI integrating legislation and jurisprudence knowledge to search legal documents and simplify legal processes.


The HR magagers's assistant

AVA HR uses AI to assists HR teams with daily tasks, through ready-to-use documents, such as work contracts, employee reviews and skills assessments.

Collecting payments made easy

diFacile is an advanced legal-tech platform streamlining both extrajudicial and judicial outstanding payments recovery through digital automation


Governance reinvented

Govin provides VCs, founders and board members with a solution to manage corporate governance effortlessly and transparently, with easy workflows and actionable insights for legal agreements.

The power of GenAI for processes

AI-powered Renaiss draws on your internal data and documentatation inorder to improve business operations and processes

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A premium ESG tracking & reporting solution

Salacia facilitates full ESG compliance through its integrated SaaS platform, which offers a fully automated accounting system for ESG reporting.

AI control center for governance & security

Suzan AI is an AI governance and security platform for tracking AI assets, managing risks and aligning systems with global regulations and standards

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All your knowledge levraged revolutionizes strategic intelligence for knowledge-heavy businesses, offering context-specific and referenceable AI insights for workflows, with fully automated analysis from legal documents to precise meeting notes.


Batch #2

🇮🇹  Trust as a service

Preserving truth and trust in digital

Digital contents can very often lack reliability, as it is easily changeable, leading to fraud, dispute and misinformation. Truescreen restaures trust in digital media, guaranteeing authenticity and immutability of photos, videos, audios, screenshots, documents and any other digital information flow, instantly giving full legal and probative value.

🇫🇷  Social Learning

Legal training made social

Classical trainings are most often a one shot format, where trainees get knowledge and leave, expecting to retain all information. With its Social learning experience, Side Quest intend to get a better retention of the knowledge by having multiple short formats over time, and builds communities of trainees around the subject of the training.

🇧🇪  Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract management made easy

Companies often have to deal with a great amount of contracts, for which it is not easy to have a clear overview, which can cost a lot. Carbon offers a Contract Lifecyle Management solution that allow its user to create contracts in a few steps, put them in a workflow of signature, store them safely and many other functionalities.

🇳🇱  Contract analysis

Automating NDA check

Signing a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is not always easy, especially for non-lawyers as some clauses might be tricky. Lynn Legal offers a bot that automatically reads and anotates the NDAs, to make sure everything in the contract is conform.

🇫🇷  E2E encryption SDK

End-to-end encryption made accessible

Legal digital services handle very sensitive data that need to be protected. The Seald SDK offers the highest security standard: end-to-end encryption, that can be integrated in all kinds of apps and encrypts structured or unstructured data in features like : chat, forms, file sharing & storage features, etc.

🇪🇸   Public speaking training trough VR

Public speaking training enhanced with VR

Being a legal professional often requires to be comfortable with public speaking. Chiara offers its customers an immersive experience with personalized feedbacks on their oral presentations. Whether they need to speak in court or a meeting room, they can now train in real life conditions!


Batch #1


Next-gen language technology company

Nalantis has a unique hybrid technology, combining semantics, linguistics, machine learning and deep learning all in one. This makes Nalantis unsurpassed in the analysis of documents, allowing true contextual understanding of text, both written (documents) or spoken (voice, video).


Holistic protection for businesses in 1 day

Cybersecurity is a major stake for most companies. Lupasafe oofers a team of ethical hackers that know exactly where the weak spots are. Its software allow companies to monitor their websitesthrough a continuous audit, avoiding any vulnerabilities.

🇮🇹  Fight against online hate

An integrated solution against online hate

Chi Odia Paga offers a quick and functional service that uses the best technologies to fight hate online and help people who have suffered legally punishable conduct to obtain justice and adequate compensation, all without having to anticipate any expenses.

Generate trust with data by ensuring compliance.

Myco is a platform to collect, process and return reglementary data. We process the sensitive data of natural or legal persons and ensure the compliance of this data in the regulated sectors.

logo alix

Keeping autonomy of elderly people

90% of people prefer to age at home. Legal security at home is one of the major challenges of home support. Our legal protection assistance program allows people to benefit from legal protection solutions: anticipated, customised and chosen.

Tokenizing the world

Brickken is a blockchain-based tokenization plaftorm that allows to tokenize businesses and assets providing investors with opportunities to generate passive income. We are a provider of decentralized token issuance technology.

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